Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What a fantastic weekend I just had! I was able to attend the Ministry Wives' Retreat with my friend (& our Youth Pastor's wife) Lori. Lori and I have recently been saying how we needed a little getaway, well this weekend really hit the spot. Often times ministry wives are the ones to have to do the teaching, leading, filling-in in all the various places our church may need us. It was such a treat to get to go on this retreat and just enjoy and be taught.

God really used every worship service & small group session to speak to me. The theme for the weekend was "In Our Shoes" (pic of the book above). The authors were the teachers for each main worship service. Not only were they hilarious, but they covered every situation we could be in (every shoe we may be wearing) in our church.

I attended 3 small group sessions:
The first session was Friday night & it was Scrapbooking- I love me some arts n crafts! But this session really focused on our memories. What I took away from this session was to really focus on each moment & realize that each moment I'm living out-I'm making a memory. I was also encouraged to establish lots of fun family traditions with my family from year to year. What a legacy to leave my child/ren to be able to recall all of those memories one day. The second session I chose Saturday morning was "ME Time" & it was about taking time out for myself. Eventhough I can sometimes feel guilty when I'm doing something I think only benefits me, I realized this weekend-by taking that time out for myself, I can be a better Wife & Mom & just better for anyone to be around! :) They gave lots of exciting ideas about things to do in my "Me Time" & I'm already trying some out! The final session was called, "Life in the Fishbowl." This session was my favorite. She discussed how to deal with certain issues in the ministry, how to be there for our husbands b/c we can nurture them in ways no one else can, & lots of neat ideas to keep our fishbowl focused on the Kingdom. I took so many things away from that session...my mind is actually still digesting everything!

It was great getting to spend time with other ministry wives. It was so awesome to be surrounded by so many that are in a situation much like mine. I can relate to these women in so many ways-the best way being the love that we have to serve our Lord. I came home with a pep in my step & a new excitement for this awesome calling.


  1. What a blessing! I hope your refreshment stays with you for months and months!