Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Birthday Bash!

This past weekend I did a Halloween Birthday Party for TRIPLETS! It was super fun...and super hot! The day started off with cool, almost cold, weather, but by the time the party started, it was BLAZIN HOT! I got a little sunburn. It has made me rethink Jax's birthday party for next year. I wanted it to be at this really fun petting zoo, but I think we might melt in June!
Here are a few pics from the party-basically pics of the setup. I didn't get any with the kids & I wish I had! Their costumes were great!

This is the main table-cake/dessert table. The cakes were AMAZING & delicious.

We had candy pumpkins, lollipops, marshmallows, gumballs filled with slime...

I love that the b-day kids picked their own cake flavors.
We had strawberry cake with chocolate icing, pink velvet cake with
cream cheese icing & the VERY popular chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

This end of the buffet displayed candy corn, stickers, cobweb cotton candy & gummy earwax.
This is the Spook Center where the kids would walk through and
feel whatever was in the boxes. Fun & Gross!

As the guests arrived, the kids would start off by decorating their own treat bag

The super fun event was the slime making! Because it was such a big party the birthday kids got to add the ingredients to the bowl to make the slime. All the kids got to feel it as it was coming together. Then, each kid had his/her own bag to take home.

It was such a fun time! What a fun-filled Halloween week this will be!

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