Friday, October 22, 2010

A Great Day at the Fair

That's right! 4 blog posts in 4 consecutive days! (WHAT! WHAT!) I told my friend Sis I was trying to be like a REAL blogger. haha!

Actually, Fall is SUCH a fun season to me &, eventhough it has still felt like Summer most days, I still like to pretend it's chilly outside & do all the fun Fall activities. We have been BUSY! We're always busy (& yes, I know everyone is). But we have made an effort lately as a family to be busy with things that are good for us! I love all the adventures we go on! We make a special effort now to not just complete an activity, but to be concious that we are making memories. Sounds cheesy, but it has really helped me with this whole "baby growing up" thing.

Yesterday was opening day at the fair (as well as dollar day-a dollar to get in, a dollar to park, & a dollar on various food items). We & some friends decided to take advantage of the deal! We had a super fun time!

At the petting zoo! Feeding the giraffe was the coolest!

Just a fun photo. I like how the pig is as big as the horse.

Being a farmer!


Aunt Lori helping Jax see the baby chicks!

YUCK! Dustie just had to try the donut burger.

I LOVE this picture. Wish he had on something other than Batman! HA!


  1. Okay, I have to admit...I'm thinking I'd have tried out the donut burger too. It just looks, well, "right", ya know? :)