Thursday, September 17, 2009

PawPaw's Party!

So much has happened in Jax's very young life already. I'm trying to cram in all of the major events that Jax has been a part of. On the day of Jax's 2 month shots we had a big family/friend birthday party for PawPaw (Dustie's grandpa). We all went to eat fish and then ended up back at PawPaw's for birthday cake and LOTS of pictures!

Cake Time!
Zay, Jax, PawPaw and Ava getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.

4 Generations

Jax and Sweet Aunt DI

YUM! It's not a party without cookie cake!

PawPaw holding Jax and Evan.

The Dunn clan

A few days later, we took a trip to Dallas to visit Aunt Anne and Uncle Bill! First long road trip (ya...bad idea). But it was great to visit with them.

Aunt Anne and Jax

Uncle (Chris) and Lauren with Jax.
(He loves to be naked!)


  1. Sweet baby! He's a little world traveler already!!! :)

  2. LOL how fun is it that Jax and Dust have the same stripes on? :)