Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bloggy Bloggerton!!!

Woohoo! I'm finally getting this going! I made this blog a while back when I was on maternity leave, but I just couldn't ever get it started! I wanted to find the perfect background, have all my pictures ready to go, have my smart friends on hand for grammar checks, etc. But today I decided that if I wait for all that, Jax will be old enough to read/check this blog and would never let me do it's now or never!

I've always enjoyed reading other people's blogs, but thought, "I don't have a reason to start one." But now I do!

Here he is:
The Amazing: Jaxon Davis Dunn
(aka-Dustie's Mini-Me)

His birthday picture!

Being a thinker...

He loves "seepy night-night."

My favorite pic (thanks Sis and Rain Lily Photography!)

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  1. You're so welcome! Time for some more favorite pics, huh? :)

    What a perfect reason to start blogging...
    XOXO :)