Friday, September 18, 2009

Going to God's House

Jax just LOVES going to God's house! From early on Jax has been in church. Even when he wasn't old enough (or had the Dr's ok) to go to church, he loved going up there with Dada to work in the office. We have an amazing church family that loves Jax as if he was their thankful for that.

Here are some pics of Jax on the first day he was able to go to church. The outfit he was supposed to wear home from the hospital was way too big, so instead, he got to wear it for his first day at church. He also brought his Bible and his Jesus Money/offering. We love that we can drop Jax off and know that he will hear God's Word that day.

Dada and Jax going to God's House with God's Word.

Just getting to church

Mrs. Jane was ready for some sugar.

Lovin on Mrs. Jane

Mrs. Chanda - Jax's Sunday School teacher!

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  1. He's so precious...and it's so sweet to see him with his Bible and his Jesus money!

    Our church was a rock for me to lean on when Dillon came so early and had to stay in the hospital for 2 months. I'll never forget how much they loved on us.