Tuesday, October 11, 2016

May Days

May was crazy & busy & full of lots of fun things!

Our college students led in worship one Sunday night. It was a beautiful worship experience.

All of my family has mastered the filters on Snapchat.

John got to take home the class stuffed animal. He was so proud.

Pretend play. All day. Every day.

King Jeb courtesy of Burger King.

I was spoiled so well for Mother's Day. I am so thankful for my own mother & for the three guys that make me a mother.

This is one of my favorite things to remember as a mother. 


Mom accessories.

It was great to have my Mom (Mimi) here for Mother's Day!!

D made us a delicious Mother's Day lunch even after a full morning of church.

John woke up that morning & declared that it was Winnie the Pooh's birthday.

Smart boy to say it while Mimi was in town. 
Pooh bear got a birthday cake.

We had fun with our usual playing, goofing off, & reading fun books.

John napped through many carlines.

Buzz Lightyear hung out with all the superheroes.

John had fun with his SS friends.

We had a fun Women's Ministry recipe taste & swap called Taste & See.

John watched all of his preschool friends celebrate their birthdays at school, so he was planning his all year long. He told me he wanted me to shape dinosaurs for the tops of his friends cupcakes. He said, "You just shape them like Play doh!" (I mean, no big deal mom!)

For the record: You do NOT just shape them like Play doh. But I'm so thankful for YouTube & for my friend (& greatest cookie/cake lady ever) Stacie Terry who answered all of my annoying texts.

We had a fun celebration.

Morning carline on John's last day of school.

His class had an ice cream party.

We had a fantastic year with Mrs. Shelly. She loved these kids so well.

Jeb decided he wanted some goldfish.

We had a family movie night!

Movie Meals!

More family fun. Lunch at Glory Bound.

Jax's class had a fun night out to McDonalds!

I had a lot of "help" prepping for VBS.

Jax's Kindergarten year came to a close. Boy, am I so thankful for the precious ladies the Lord placed in his path.
Early on, D & I decided that we wouldn't intervene in choosing our children's teachers. Instead, we would pray about it & leave it up to the Lord. So far, God has proven Himself as a perfect example of Ephesians 3:20-giving us more than we could ever ask or imagine. I believe Jax will continue to have a special bond with these two wonderful women.

More family dates! We love to go to Plaid Rhino. Also, this kid is really good at air hockey.

May 22nd was our 12th anniversary. It fell on a Sunday this year, so we were blessed to spend the day with our precious faith family.

We had a fun Sunday night dinner after church. Our friends surprised us with a cake.
Oh, how we love those people!

I completed my carline cross stitch fun!

The boys' summer break started with some good ol cleaning!

D planned a fun getaway trip for our anniversary. My parents came to keep the boys.
This is their wardrobe, pajamas, & detailed instructions on their vitamin schedule. (haha! Kidding...kinda)
Does anyone else have control freak/OCD tendencies???

This is what was going on when we left. The kids didn't even know we were gone...

We ran off to a movie the first night.

& WE WENT TO SEE WICKED the next!!!! Aghhhhh!!!

Hubs let me take all the pictures I wanted to take.

He got me the kid's drink - the Poisoned Apple

It was such a perfect weekend!! Love my man!

Family lunch dates.

The boys started swimming lessons!

We created our own dinosaurs!

& we started our summer with lots of fun!

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