Monday, October 10, 2016

April Adventures

Jax's teacher, Mrs. Robinson, told his class that she was going to bring them brownies for April Fools Day. Boy, were they surprised to get their brown "E"s!
Jax loved the joke & used it on many others that day!

Best Brothers!

Jax escorted his sweet friend Kaylee in a pageant.

They had a fun time.

Adventures of the 3 Brothers!

Lots of playing & eating Easter candy!

John with some of his sweet church friends.

We love the Adam & Eve mural in the Preschool Building. It has lots of great dinosaurs!

Carline fun!

We enjoyed the great April weather.

We spent lots of time at the ball field cheering for Jax.

This is the night Jax got the game ball!

Here's a little video:

Jeb loving some fruit!

Baby Beaux snugs!!

The blue Power Ranger lives at our house.

We love our Excel by 5 community!! We had an Excelebration this summer. D was an emcee for it.

Pony rides! (Jeb was not a fan.)

Wagon rides!

We played lots of fun games!

We made our own horses!

We played more baseball!

We had a Ministry Fair at church.

We went to see Lion King Jr.

The play was fantastic! (Jeb was not.)

We prepared for VBS!!

Dustie & Jeb shared a sucker.

We went on Jax's class field trip to the zoo.


We mastered carline fun.

I had the best time volunteering at Jax's school.

D & I had some fun date nights.

We had a fun night with staff & spouses.

We love helping make breakfast for the college ministry!

My sweet friend Tara professed her faith through baptism! It was a special day!

We had Sunday night church at the zoo!

I love my people.

Pre school day chocolate milk.

John watching Winnie the Pooh in the carline waiting for Jax & he gets sad for Pooh b/c Pooh is sad in the movie. Precious baby!

School report on beavers.

I got to teach Sunday School for the College Ministry University Series for 6 weeks. What a blessing it was to me! I fell in love with our college students.

I also led Seamless as an online Bible study for women. This study is wonderful & means a lot to me!

Bible Study fun - What's in my bag?

Jax & his team rocking some baseball!

Loving every second of Kindergarten.

We went on a weekend trip to see Disney on Ice.

New Orleans, duh.

I THEY love all things Disney. :)

We ran into Jax's friend Kaylee!!

I have the greatest parents!! I'm so thankful they're spontaneous & fun & just crazy enough to go on these fantastic adventures with us.

I also have the best Brother ever. (Yes, "Brother" is what his name is to me.) He's so wonderful about taking charge of the family business so that my dad is able to run away for a few nights. I love him & he's my favorite.

Jeb had fun. He's just pretending he didn't. haha! (actually, I should have taken this picture when we arrived. He had fallen asleep & I wanted a pic of the three of them together.)

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