Thursday, January 8, 2015

Loving 2015

We are loving 2015 so far!

This verse has been at the forefront of my mind for weeks. It was a very important verse to us a year & a half ago (the story is all in my blog) & God has reminded me of it a lot recently. I'm so excited for the new things He is doing!

D enjoying one of his Christmas presents. 

The boys stayed with my parents for a few days after our trip, so D & I were free to party-hop on New Year's Eve. What a blessing to spend that time with precious church family!

When the boys got back, the house went back to being noisy & messy. Just the way we like it.

Some real characters.

The boys having lots of fun with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

I so enjoyed having this break with my Littles. One morning Jax woke up & told me that it was one of his stuffed animal's birthday. So John decided it was also his stuffed animal's birthday. We all decided this meant cinnamon rolls with birthday candles for breakfast.

My handsomes modeling some Christmas clothes.

Having fun hiding under Daddy's desk after church.

Playing with our friend Halle at dinner after church. One of the highlights of our week is going to dinner with church family on Sunday nights.

We've built Legos & played with them.

Love their fun imaginations!

John playing with his favorite Christmas present. I get a chuckle out of this b/c it was a quick last-minute purchase (to even out the number of gifts each boy received) D made at Dirt Cheap!

Jeb's still baking! We have about 5 weeks left till his due date. I've been busy trying to make sure everything is squared away before he comes.

I vacillate between heavy-duty nesting (this pregnancy that has meant: cleaning out, reorganizing, repainting, planning, redecorating, & many Pinterest projects. Poor Dustie...) & just being plain tired! 

The pregnancy insomnia has kicked in full-force, so I've definitely been a fan of nap time. I try to use snuggling with John as an excuse.

The boys went back to school this week. (This was a pic taken Tuesday by my friend Deena.) They were both super excited. They missed their teachers & friends. I'm so thankful!

Jax got to go hunting with Daddy. He was so excited. It was precious! (I guess it's time to get this kid some camo!)

Hope you all are having a wonderful 2015 as well!!

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