Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Inadequate Words

I know I've been pretty absent on here lately in regards to sharing my thoughts. It's not for a lack of thoughts, but actually the opposite. My brain has been going non-stop.

From before Thanksgiving on, it's like I've been stuck in my own mind, swimming around in the many thoughts & reflections. Over the holidays I really grew to embrace my melancholy mind. As a naturally positive person, I don't at all mean this in a negative way. & here I face the same conundrum of trying to put my mind into words. My joy, & even happiness, never waivered. But for once, I preferred the slower, sometimes sadder songs (over the joyous sounds of Chipmunks Christmas music), I was happy to reflect on my successes as well as my shortcomings of the year, I wasn't afraid to confront my worries, & I welcomed the convictions of the Holy Spirit.

To give you an idea, my favorite Christmas song was Reliant K's - I Celebrate the Day.
(Check it out) Music here:
Lyrics here:

As I start out a new year that can't help but begin with change for our family, my mind continues to be flooded with thoughts. Like most, I begin January with ambition & thankfulness for a fresh start. I have a new resolve & goals based upon the conviction I mentioned earlier. I so look forward to knowing my Creator more intimately than I have before & I prayerfully, actively, & eagerly wait to see His mark on my life.

I will end this jumbled mess of words by sharing some of today's thoughts- 
As I prepare for the birth of my third child, I am overcome by the love that I have for my children & this person that I have yet to know. It reminds me of the love my Heavenly Father has for me. 

His love for me as His child

His love for me b/c He GAVE His child for me

His love for me in spite of how well He knows me

Psalm 8 puts today's thoughts into words better than I can.
Who am I that You are mindful of me God? My Lord, how majestic is Your name!

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