Thursday, June 26, 2014

Birthday Madness

We Dunns are just about birthday-ed out! John turned 2 this week, so we wanted to make a big to-do for him.

Our elf, Kringle, stopped by for the day! John really likes Kringle.

Since his birthday was on a Wednesday, we couldn't do his family party that night b/c we had church. We went out for lunch with Daddy to make his birthday a little more than an ordinary day.

Fun times.

Later that day, Kringle was in a different spot with a fun birthday book & John's favorite treat.

Tonight, we had John's favorite meal. (His favorite meal is anything that includes mashed potatoes, but meat loaf is one of the few meats he actually eats, so we went with that.)

We got him a couple of goodies.

John picked out a Spider-Man cake online from Baskin Robbins. Let's just say the one they made did not look like the picture.

John didn't mind. :)

He said it still tasted good!

John got a Scooby Doo Pillow Pet, a Scooby Doo movie, & Batman pajamas.

It's not everyday your Little turns TWO!

We are so thankful for our two June birthday boys!!

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