Monday, June 16, 2014

Agency D3/VBS 2014

If you follow any of my social media sites, you'll know that these posts are not in order. That makes OCD Jenni twitch, but it is what it is.

This year's VBS was so fantastic! God was glorified, families were touched, children's lives were changed, & we are still seeing the benefits of a week concentrated on God's Word! PTL!!

I had the honor of teaching the 4 year old class this year with my friend C who has much experience in teaching that age group.
C's husband & one of our ministry partners on staff, Bro. Wendell, made this super fun vault for our class. What a hit!!

The theme was a detective/spy theme about discovering, deciding, & defending God's Word. We called our class the Super Spies!

We also had a Super Spy Disguise Center!

They had a lot of fun picking out disguises!

This crew was very fun & full of energy! What amazed me most was how they truly learned & retained the Bible Stories we taught throughout the week.

Each morning, the boys would eat breakfast in my room while I got things organized for the day.

They would also play with the other teacher's kids before Worship Rally.

John & Halle playing with big kids-Sam, Graham, & Emily.

D rocking his Super Spy Disguise.

Jax says that mustaches tickle!

& John said that there's no way I'm putting that furry thing on my face! So his teachers put it on Spider-Man's face. That's how you know your kid has cool teachers. ;)

The boys needed to test out the vault.

John at snack time with his class. He was so big that week.

Jax before Worship Rally. When did he get so big?!

John right before his first time to sing in Big Church.

He basically rocked it. I will upload the video of it tomorrow.

My two Littles praising The Lord. Jax did super great. He sang & knew all the motions.

A few goodies for the teachers, my helpers, Mrs. Kelly, & the boys' friends. We just wanted to say how thankful we are for all the people who worked so hard, so that the kids of PHBC could have a wonderful Bible School. 
God's Word was spoken into the lives of hundreds of children that week & we know that b/c His Word never returns void, we will continue to see lives changed for years to come!!

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