Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun Things

Have I ever mentioned that Thursdays are my favorite? They so are! Thursdays are typically filled with: a half-day at work, a Target run, an iced mocha :), an easy afternoon with John, dinner with friends (I don't have to cook!), & it sparkles with promise of the weekend! I count Friday as a weekend day.

This post is super-random, but that is pretty fitting for my blog. As I look through old posts I think about how I started this to keep a sort of scrapbook of my family, but it's kinda morphed into so much more. I've totally been using it like a diary! I guess the writer in me just couldn't help it. This post just adds to the quirkiness of my blog.

I follow all kinds of blogs, from real-life friends, to beauty blogs, to strangers who blog about their day-to-day life & I talk to Dustie about them as if they were my real friends! So if you're nosey like I, & really do care to know about someone-even what they buy, this post is right up your alley! :D

I am SO ready for Spring I can taste it! You can tell in my latest purchases. I've been stocking up on pretty bright & pastel nail polishes lately. Just getting one or two when I grocery shop. (Plus, nail polish always "fits"! Can I get an, "Amen!"??!!) I amassed this new collection while on the hunt for the coveted Essie color: Mint Candy Apple. I finally found it today! I'm trying to match a new cardigan. In my head it was the perfect shade...until someone compared it to Tiffany Blue. Seeing it in the picture brings out even more of the blue hue. In-person, they look more similar. So, while I was looking for the Essie section, I found Revlon Jaded, which really might be the perfect matching shade! The two bottles with the big white tops are by the brand Flower. I've never heard of it, but I loved the shades (I've been looking for a pastel coral color), so I want to try them. I'll do reviews once I've tried them.

So what color am I wearing now??? Nothing! Ha!! I haven't found a long enough window of time to not need my hands! Oh, the life of a Mommy.

For those of you who are still reading, ;) the other colors are:
Loreal: Royalty Reinvented (darker lavender)
Essie: Mod Square (dark pink)
Flower: Gorgeous Gerbera (the pastel creamy coral)
Flower: I Lavendare You! (Light lavender)

A couple of other fun purchases: a pearl bracelet with a monogrammed charm & a high-low skirt (mullet skirt as the Hubs would say).

I had an Origami Owl jewelry party two weeks ago & fell in love! I have the best friends & my party did so well that I was able to get two necklaces & a load of charms. This one is the one I wear w/ casual stuff. I'll show y'all the locket one later.

Finally, did y'all get James Avery's Spring catalog?? I spied some precious stuff!! The Bible charm (I didn't know they had that) & they have a new little church house charm (um...perfect!). I also LOVE the Floral Tracery Ear Hooks (earrings). Just some necessities. Totally kidding, but maybe the Hubs is reading... ;)

Y'all have a Happy Thursday!!

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