Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day Three

Terrific Tuesdays!

My weekday schedule is pretty much the same all week-the only difference (& it's a big one!) is whether or not I have Jax with me.

7:00-8:00 - Get everyone up and ready to go
8:00-9:00 - Jax & I head out the door to Shreveport.  On the way I listen to my fave radio morning show & Jax sleeps & eats breakfast.
9:00-1:00 - Work.  I use this term loosely for Tuesdays & Thursdays.  When I get to work I put Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on for Jax to enjoy so that I can frantically do any work that HAS to be done that morning.  I try to sneak in a short quiet time at this point.  I save all my car errands (any work I can get done by drive-thru:  banks, post office...) for Tues. Thurs. so that I can keep Jax moving and not bored!  We ride around Shreveport getting this work done.  Sometimes we make a stop for lunch, or at the bookstore.  This Tuesday Jax had a coupon from his birthday for a free Burger King Kid's Meal & it expired after this day, so we had to use it.  Lucky for Jax, the toy was an awesome Transformer!
1:00-4:00 - This time usually involves me trying my best to get Jax to take a nap (he's stopped!).  We sometimes go get a sno-cone during the last half of the day (about once a week) & enjoy it outside.  Thankfully, I can transfer the office phone to my cell phone so that we're not strapped down to the office.
4:00-5:00 - We head to Vivian. Jax usually falls asleep at this time while I listen to a book on CD and have some quiet time.
5:00-6:00 - On this particular day, I ran around like a crazy person!  I needed to cook supper & take a quick bath before meeting my friend at 6:15 for a photography class.  I started the water,  jumped in the bath, cooked spagetti, painted my toenails, ran to Walmart for a notebook & drink & rushed off to meet my friend.
6:00-9:00 - I'm taking a photography class this Summer with a bunch of friends.  It usually starts at 7:00, but I missed the first 2 classes, so I went early to try to catch up.  The class was lots of fun...there's a TON for me to learn though eek!  During my photography class, Dustie & Jax went over to a friends' house to hang out & eat supper (yes, after I frantically cooked for them) & Jax got to go fishing.
9:00 - the Dunns were home and relaxing & getting ready for bed!

What a grand day!

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