Monday, June 27, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day One

Some of my favorite bloggers are doing posts this week of what goes on everyday for the whole week. This may seem boring to some, but I would love to have a typical day recorded so that I can go back in the future and remember what life was like.

This is our typical Sunday:

7:30 - I wake up first to try to hurry and get ready before Jax wakes up.
8-8:30 - Wake Dustie & Jax up to get ready for church. While Dustie is getting ready, I get Jax dressed and feed him breakfast. That said, it's hard to know whether Jax will want breakfast. Some days he's really into it, some days he will have nothing of it. On this Sunday, we had some Mickey Mouse pancakes left from Saturday brunch.
9:00 - We go to church, drop Jax off at his Sunday School class, I go to mine, while D makes his rounds & prep for his sermon.
10:15-11:30/12 :) - Worship (music & sermon)
12:00 - We go to lunch. (Typically, we eat together as a family. We'll eat with friends or pick something up on the way home or go to a restaurant.) But this particular Sunday, I had a church wedding shower I was a hostess for, so I sent D & J to eat lunch at a friend's house (SO THANKFUL!) & I ran to Walmart to get an item for the shower I forgot, then back up to the church to prep & decorate.
2:00-4:00 - The guys nap. I host the shower.
4:30 - D back up to the church for meetings/sermon prep for the night service. I just stayed at the church b/c I have choir practice at this time.
6:00 - Worship. This particular Sunday, was the night for the Mission report from the people that went on our church-wide mission trip. (Awesome...)
7:00 - We usually go over to friend's houses, or D sometimes has more meetings, or we just go home if we're tired. During the Summer, our Youth go to a different church member's house each Sunday night for a fellowship time, so we went out to hang out with them.
9:00 - We were home & ready to get cleaned up, relax and go to bed!


  1. You forgot to mention how me and Dustie SMOKED Bonnie and Jett at pitchin' washers! LOLOLOL

  2. HAHA! You're SO right!!! Fun!