Friday, November 6, 2009

All Dressed Up

A few weeks ago we were able to celebrate 2 wonderful weddings in one week! The first couple, Kase & Meghan, were married a couple of weeks prior to the celebration (it was just a small, intimate, family wedding). The second couple's wedding was actually on a Thursday night. Incidentally, we celebrated both weddings with the same family-the Gorsulowskys. We've been friends with Jim & Pam for a few years now & were SO looking forward to that day! (Yes, our friends may be on a little tv show known as The Office...) We know we're cool; you don't have to tell us...

The Gorsulowsky / Chiles Wedding Reception

Jax in his "tux" for Meghan & Kase's reception.

Meghan & Jax

It was soooo pretty-wish I had a pic of the cake & the awesome buffet!

Jax loves Mrs. Erin! Praying for the day she & Kev. have kids-they'll be awesome parents! Until then, they can borrow ours. :)

Jax & his Mrs. Pat.

The Halpert Wedding!

Erin got a beautiful & YUMMY wedding cake!

Jax & Erin hangin out...

Jax, Erin, Andrea, Meghan & Dustie. Food was soooo good!

Dustie "lol"-ing & Kevin makin some goodies!

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