Monday, May 16, 2016

February Fun

Here's a look into our fun-filled February!

The boys in their Mardi Gras colors!

We Louisiana folks have to represent in MS!

We celebrated Valentines Day a LOT.

John wanted blue stegasaurus valentines.

John's class made candy-coated popcorn & cut cheese into fun shapes.

John had a great class party!

We love handmade valentines!

Jax's class had an ice cream party!

Jax wanted Minecraft valentines. (He had Creeper gum & Minecraft Steve? Chocolate bars.)

They got a few fun Valentine goodies.

D led a trip to Israel. It's one of his favorite things to do. The fun part this year was that his Dad got to go too!

February was super full of storms. It seemed that for weeks in a row we had tornados on every Tuesday. I started calling them Tornado Tuesdays!

On this particular Tuesday, D was on his way home from Israel. 

The boys researching Green Lantern on Daddy's computer.

School lunch with Jax!

CFA meetings with friends!

Lots of Brother fun!

Fun with toys!

Fun with friends!

Dinner dates!

Yay for a fun February!!

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