Saturday, September 13, 2014

Handsome Haircut (John's 1st Haircut)

There was a time (a loooong time) when we thought this day may never come. John was a baldy for quite some time. (& I thought it was precious!)

We have bald babies (& we cannot lie ;)), but Jax's hair started coming in much earlier than John's. By Jax's first birthday, he was way past due for a first haircut.

Well, at right over 2 years, John was eligible for his first! It wasn't completely necessary, but his hair was starting to grow over his ears. I think he's so handsome with his new 'do.

Mrs. Tessa talking to John.

He was quite excited about the chair "ride."

& then he got to wear a cape. He's a pro at that.

This fun cape had cute penguins on it! (Can I just say how Tessa was so sweet with him?!)

He did great!! 

Lots of pictures of his cuteness!! I think he looks a little older! :( But so handsome.
It's amazing what a couple of snips can do!

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