Thursday, August 28, 2014

Senior Camp 2014 Lake Tiak O'Khata

We had a super fun time at Senior Camp earlier this week!

We've heard about the greatness of Lake Tiak O'Khata, but never got to experience it until this week.

D was the preacher/teacher for the camp, so the boys & I didn't want to miss the fun!

Bro. Wendell spoiled us so much this week-from making sure our accommodations were more than good (hello room with three beds), running to Walmart to get milk for John, taking the boys to feed the fish, letting them have special bus rides, & so much more!

This is where the magic happens. :) Seriously. This camp knows home cooking!

The boys had many fun things to keep them entertained...Connect Four...


Throwing pennies into the wishing well...

The boys loved game time w/ our church friends. 
They were spoiled rotten the entire time!

The little boys weren't the only ones who had fun.

Super fun fish feeding! This was the boys' favorite part.

Besides the good food that is. ;)

Day 2-we got to do it all over again!

A little Father Abraham action!

The boys during worship.

After worship.

During game time.

Super nap time for John!

More fish feeding!

& alligator riding.

& bus riding!

& more fish feeding! Oh how fun!

The last night, we did a talent show: PHBC's Got Talent.

The boys had a few talents they wanted to share.

& lots of senior adults shared talents. We loved it so much!

After, late night ice cream for all!
(I was sure to take a picture of D serving ice cream b/c scooping ice cream is one of his least favorite things to do.)

Two happy boys.

One last meal at the grand Lake TOK!

By the time we pulled out on Wednesday, they were DUNZO. All played out! (We kinda all were.)

Fellowship, fun, food, & nap time. This was the camp for us! ;) 
We had the greatest time!! We can't wait to go next year!!

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