Monday, January 6, 2014

Jax & John's Winter Essentials!!

Here are some things the boys have been loving this Winter!

They love stuffed animals in general, but they are quite attached to their Dreamlites. These stuffed animals shine a beautiful starry sky onto the ceiling. The boys sleep under the stars every night! (I love it too! ;))

They got a few games this Christmas, so playing games has been a favorite thing to do!

Eucerin & Vaseline are a MUST for the boys during Winter. Their little faces get so wind chapped & their lips stay sensitive. I'm a big fan of the new mini Vaseline containers! They are perfect for my purse or John's backpack.

We love to wear lots of fun, crazy socks under our boots in the Winter! 

Good Winter outerwear is vital. The little guys have amassed a good collection of hats, gloves, vests, & hoodies. John is modeling his latest Winter goods.

Super chocolatey hot chocolate is very important!!

& to go along with their hot chocolate, they love fun sweet treats!

Jax & John are enjoying the cold weather. Jax is praying for snow. :)

What are some Winter Essentials for your Littles??

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