Friday, April 26, 2013

John's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday was our Baby Dedication at church. Just like most things in life, it did not quite go as planned.
Jax was sick all Saturday (like 103 fever sick). So, my family came for the Baby Dedication Sun. morning & left right after to take Jax home.
Typically, we would go out to lunch with all our family after, but we have a new Sunday schedule where we have SS after church, so our family went out to celebrate without us :)
After church, we DID get to go eat with Blake & Lori (which is totally appropriate b/c they're basically family).

Here's a link to the great sermon Dustie preached. It plays in Windows Media Player, so I can't link the single sermon. Here's the page where D's secretary posts them: It's named "Hitting Close to Home." (We're working on a website/podcast system for D's sermons...anything more accessible!)

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