Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jax's Cho-lock-uhlate Cake

Tomorrow we're having lunch at church & we are all to bring a dish. I decided to go with a dessert since I'm a much better baker than a cook!
We recently had the yummiest cake at Thanksgiving made by Aunt Beth so I decided it was a must!
Jax LOVES to help in the kitchen & he's gotten to be a lot of help! He basically made this delicious cake!
I'm not certain of the origin of this recipe, so I'll credit Beth.

Ooey Gooey Cho-lock-uhlate Cake
(Named by Jax Dunn)
Bake 1 box of German chocolate cake mix made according to directions.
While warm, poke large holes in the cake & pour sweetened condensed milk & caramel topping over it.
Cover with cool whip.
Sprinkle Heath bar bits over the top.

(Another special thing: We made it in Dustie's Meme's star cake pan. 1-his Meme is now in Heaven & 2-D is preaching on the star part of the nativity story tomorrow!)

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