Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Disney Live!

Whenever any Disney production comes near to town, we make sure to go. Jax's very bff is Mickey Mouse & Dustie & I are really just big kids. We LOVE Disney!  This weekend we went to see Disney Live Fairytales & it was great! Jax loved getting to see Mickey & the gang. He didn't know any of the fairy tales (shame on me), but he still watched. There were a few parts with Snow White's Queen that were probably too scary for a 2 year-old, but Jax just snuggled close. Overall, it was another wonderful Disney experience!  I need a new camera very badly. My close-up pics were ok, but very few of my stage pics were useable. :(

A great start to the day...MICKEY MOUSE PANCAKES!

Jax was conked out when we got there, but he woke up quickly & excitedly.

The first fairy tale: Snow White!

We actually brought the whole Cordero Clan!

Jax's light-up sword kept him quite entertained!

Beauty & the Beast! One of my top 2 faves! I was so happy! :)

We just LOVE Mickey & Minnie!

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