Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day Six & Seven

It's Friday!

I figured Friday and Saturday would be late b/c I try not to get on the computer too much on the weekend.  (Especially since I must stare at it all week long.)

7:00-11:00 - The same as every other day.  Jax goes to Mammaw's on Fridays.  I go to work until lunchtime.
11:15-1:15ish - Go to lunch with Mammaw.  This is a standing date we have every week.  We went to El Chicos this Friday.
1:15-4:00 - I take Jax back to work with me and attempt to work for the rest of the day.  :)
4:00-  Mom came over & spent the night with us.  Dustie didn't get home till late so the grilled burgers we had planned to have turned into inside "griddled" burgers!  They were pretty good, but I sure did miss that charcoal flavor.  We watched movies & hung out the rest of the night & actuall went to bed kinda early.


8:30 - Jax let us sleep in a little bit.  My body still wanted to get up early, but I made myself stay in bed until he woke up.  We get dressed & ready for a fun day!
9:30-5:00 - Jax, Mom & I drive up to Texarkana to SHOP!  We went to BJAXX & the other Beehive stores there.  I got a few pieces of jewelry, some cute new Yellow Boxes & Jax got some new rain boots, rain coat & umbrella  (SO cute!).  Then, we went to a few other stores (including Target!:))  We ate lunch at Ghengis Grill there-that was a bunch of fun.  We stopped in Fauke on our way home to go by the Monster Mart & get Monster t-shirts & yummy sweet tea.  We spent all day in Arkansas-it was great!
5:00 - Mimi went home.  We relaxed and had a fun night at home & got ready for the next day.

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