Monday, February 8, 2010

SUPERbowl Sunday!

Jax had a WONDERFUL first Super Bowl! We had a great party at church with lots of food, fun and fellowship. Most of you know that Dustie is NOT a Saints fan, but he was a pretty good sport for the rest of the church and let us enjoy ourselves.

Dustie and Jax partying! (Notice D trying to cover up J's jersey)

Jax and his bff Conley (Boo). Yay Saints!

Jax brought football brownies for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Jenni...see I thought we had a lot in common. I knew that I loved Jesus and you loved Jesus and I knew that I loved the Cowboys and *thought* you loved the Cowboys. I don't know if this friendship is going to work out :) :) :)?

    Nah...just joking (kinda)! I'm proud for you Saints fans (cough). Jax is such a CUTIE! I know you already know this but he REALLY looks like Dustie. The brownies look delicious...aren't you creative!

  2. Haha Angela! Well you got the Jesus part right & I only "like" the Cowboys b/c I like to support my husband. (Let it be known that he does not reciprocate that feeling for the Saints. He roots FOR the Cowboys and AGAINST the Saints. Some kinda help mate! lol)
    & yes-we call Jax Dustie's mini-me. It's ridiculous!

  3. LOL "mini me"

    It was fun and I laughed at how quickly Jax was out like a light. Not even a half hour into it, LOL

    Cute pics!