Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jax's Half Birthday! this week life has just now gotten back to "normal" for the Dunns. We have been going non-stop pretty much since Halloween. Being in the ministry life can get pretty crazy when you have a Christmas party to go to for every Sunday School class, church group & committee :). This year Dustie and I decided early on to make it a point to thoroughly enjoy every single event. We have been so blessed with an amazing church family. We love spending time with them and getting to do life together.

Jax turned 6 months old on December 10th...also Daddy's 27th birthday! We had a wonderful time celebrating it while we were in New Orleans for Dustie's graduation.

Jaxaroo's 6 month old super fun birthday party!

Party Time!

Yummy! (too bad Jax doesn't get any!)

Rockin his half birthday!

Who wants cake?!

This little monster partied sooo hard!


  1. Aw, how cute is that last one!

    The half-cake - brilliant. :)

  2. :) THANKS! (the only problem is there are no left-overs when u serve 6 people lol)